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Purpose of Camping

The purpose of The Salvation Army camping is to serve the needs of campers; physical, social and spiritual. For the physical needs, our aim is to help the camper develop good health habits in cleanliness, proper rest, balanced diet, exercise and care of the body.

To meet social needs the camp provides an opportunity for each camper to contribute to and receive from a group living experience. The aim is to help campers make their own right decisions, stimulate creativity and foster independence.

The fact that the Salvation Army is a religious organization makes it possible for its camping program to integrate concern for the spiritual dimension of life. We believe in God, His Word and what it teaches, and a pattern of living exemplified by Jesus Christ.

These purposes are achieved through carefully selected staff, well-planned programs and the highest standards of health and safety.

Star Lake Camp

Camping is an extension of the mission of The Salvation Army. Star Lake summer camp has provided numerous warm, happy memories for thousands of youngsters from around the Greater New York area dating back to 1923.

The 400-acre camp is in the beautiful foothills of the Ramapo Mountains in Bloomingdale, New Jersey. The property includes three lakes and two waterfalls that offer the campers the experience of fishing, boating and swimming.

Star Lake camp offers a vacation of joy and an experience that will be treasured for a lifetime. Programs are designed to provide for the various needs of the campers; to promote appreciation of worship and reverence toward God; to nurture the potential good in each child and help them realize a relationship to a world larger than their own.

The camp strives to provide new opportunities for campers to learn positive life skills and for them to engage in a variety of activities different from those available at school and home. Campers are accepted without regard to race, religion or nationality.

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